Our experience in the C suite allows us to identify and attract the right leaders for our clients. We work across all industries and include venture backed start-ups, PE sponsored companies and large multi-national public companies. 


We understand the complex role of the C-level leader, how they add value and that each client has a unique business situation which requires a specific set of skills and experiences. We have worked with hundreds of CEOs, BOD members, Investors and others gaining valuable experience and developing the expertise to comb through the C-level market and recruit those with the appropriate skills and experiences.


We occupy a unique market position with an extensive network of candidate sources. We are active in both the C Suite and the consulting and public accounting partner markets allowing us the ability to reach out to relationships in the major firms for referrals, expanding our access to the market.


Our extensive database of contacts was built over the last 20 years and our knowledge of the issues a C- level executive faces allows BridgeStreet unparalleled ability to deliver the best candidates for your situation.


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